Frozen Challenges

Since we had such a great time with TCTC Bayshore and More Training’s Holiday Running Challenge, we are going to hold another set of weekly challenges, especially for our 2018 Training Participants!

You must be registered for any of the Bayshore and More 2018 Training programs by 1/19/18 in order to get in to the challenges.

The great news is that Betsy Bay Frozen 5k has generously donated four free race entries for our challenge winners! Please check out their amazing winter 5k race at The course starts at the top of Elberta’s beautiful lookout of Lake Michigan and continues down the hill through Elberta, around the bend, along Betsie Bay via scenic M-22, then heads into Frankfort at Main Street, with a finish at the other end of downtown, just before you reach the lighthouse.

Watch for upcoming details on week one’s challenge coming soon!



A Different Perspective on Pain and Running

Personal Reflection from the experiences of one of our 2018 Mentors, Tim M

-Thank you Tim, for writing this blog for us! I know many new, as well as seasoned runners will have to deal with pain and discomfort at some point during their training, but your thoughts add a new perspective to our perception of pain, one most of us have never thought of or considered.


“Pain has been a full-time life companion since August 3, 2002. That’s the day I t-boned a car at full speed with my motorcycle. There were lots of surgeries, PT and OT. However, eventually everyone has to “go it on their own”. I no longer had the instruction and encouragement of medical professionals.
So the voice of pain began to speak to me. It spoke hopelessness, despair and doom over everything; especially physical activity. If it hurt, I didn’t do it! I gained weight and slowed down. It took a heart incident in 2010 to get me off my butt. It was time to fight back. I began to walk, hike, and later on run and hike mountains.
So if you are in pain there are many questions. How active should you be? When should you stop? First, do everything under doctor supervision. I have an open active relationship with my doctor.

My source of pain is traumatic arthritis. Fifteen years after the accident, pain is a bigger challenge then when the accident happened. So if I was giving you advice I would say, “I know you are in pain. Every day it hurts! You cannot do what you used to do! Each morning it takes serious effort to get up and keep moving. But it is a mistake to allow the symptoms of arthritis to keep you from enjoying a vibrant active life.”

I have two enemies to my recovery: immobility and a sedentary lifestyle. If I sit around, pain and depression will overwhelm my life. We can use activity like a medicine. Physical activity lubricates the joints, maintains their range of motion, improves blood flow and stabilizes the muscles around arthritis joints. All of this reduces inflammation and pain; as long as the exercise is within a range that you can perform without injury or further damage to your joints.
Also for me, running, hiking and being active have countless spiritual and psychological benefits.

This is what I do to keep going: I run with others. Many times I would have never run apart from knowing a friend was waiting. I make running a social activity. I love the TCTC fun runs. I rarely run as hard as I can. Running as a low-grade activity is helpful to fight arthritis. I keep informing my doctor about my latest adventures. On bad days I whine and complain. I am not fighting the presence of pain, I am fighting being taken prisoner by pain.”

~ by Tim M (pictured in red TCTC singlet)



Winter Running Tips

Seeing as we are having a VERY wintery start to our 2018, here are a few methods and strategies to making running outside a little easier, more productive, and healthier. Shout out to Katie A for sharing these tips with us!
  • Remember, the first 5-10 minutes will be the worst in terms of coldness, but you WILL warm up! Make yourself stay out there for these first few minutes, and you may end up actually enjoying the clear air and beautiful scenery!
  • Start with a warm-up run close to home or near your car for a few minutes if you are unsure of what to wear. This way you can easily add or remove layers before you commit to the full run.
  • Start your run into the wind. This gets the hardest part of the run out of the way, and also warms you up more quickly. You also get an extra boost from the wind on the way home.
  • Take it easy on yourself if your pace is slower than expected. Weather conditions, poor footing, and difficulty breathing in cold air are all going to make your pace slower than in more favorable conditions.
  • So, run by effort or heart rate instead of pace. Also consider running according to minutes, rather than trying to meet a mile goal.
  • Let your training plan be flexible. If conditions are especially brutal, give yourself permission to trade workout days or cross-train.
  • News flash: running on soft snow will be harder on your body (like running on sand). This may result in faster muscle fatigue or soreness in different places than normal.  Core muscles also get more of a workout because they have to work harder to stabilize your body on snowy terrain.
  • Expect your cadence to change as you adapt to different conditions and levels of traction.
  • If you are running at dusk or after dark, remember that it is as important to see as it is to BE SEEN. Wear lights, reflective gear, and clothing that contrasts with the surroundings. Stay alert. If you absolutely have to wear earbuds, make sure you have audio turned down enough to still be aware of your surroundings.
  • Clothing should function to wick moisture away from your body, block wind, and try to hold a pocket of warm air between you and your outermost clothing layer.  Innermost layer should wick moisture away from your body. For example, look for clothing with “body mapping” or areas that have different fibers or different weaves where you would sweat the most. Middle clothing layers should vary depending on conditions and your own preferences. Choose from various weights and warmth. Outer layers should block wind and/or precipitation.
  • Start tracking what works and what doesn’t in various conditions. Every runner is different, so experimentation will help you find the best match for you individually.

Extra Motivators for our Holiday Running Challenge: Family, Food, & Race Discounts

Just a few more days until Bayshore and More Training’s first Holiday Running Challenge concludes. Along with the motivational spirit from your team mates and the inspiration from our entire group, we have a surprise additional motivation….

The directors of Leapin’ Leprechaun St. Patty’s Day 5k Run which is hosted by the National Cherry Festival has donated free entries into their race on March 17 to our winning team! This is incredibly generous of them, and a great opportunity to take part in a fun filled race. Last year, they had a bagpiping group to celebrate for the finishers! How cool is that? Please check out their race at…/TraverseCity/LeapinLeprechaun5K. This race is also part of the Grand Prix Series of the Traverse City Track Club if that is part of your resolution goals for 2018.


Along with this fantastic running incentive, other participants have found family (and food) as motivators during our challenge. Special thanks to Katie A, 2018 mentor and past TCTC training participant, for sharing pics runs she enjoyed with her brother during her trip to New York City. These pics follow along her six miler by the Hudson River and the Highline (an old, elevated freight rail line converted to a linear park). Who knew donuts at the end of a run could be a motivator too? Great job Katie incorporating running into your special holiday times with family!

So, have fun out there, keep encouraging your teammates, and realize you are well underway to making 2018 a fantastic year for your running goals.


New Year’s Resolution Run 2018

Monday’s race was a great opportunity to showcase the toughness of Michigan’s weather which was met well by physically and mentally tough Michigan runners getting out for the Resolution Run 5k to benefit Norte. This race is also the first race of the Grand Prix Race Series put on by the Traverse City Track Club. If you haven’t taken part in this great running motivator, check out the details at the TCTC website

Yesterday, I saw many Bayshore and More Mentors, and past and present TCTC training participants. Congratulations to everyone who got out there and completed the race, as well as all of those family members coming out to provide support for their runners. The race organizers definitely worked hard to develop a fun, family spirit for the event.

Special shoutouts to a few runners I caught: Mike H (3rd AG), Kayla S (3rd Female), Mark S (3rd AG), Megan G (1st AG), Christine T, Kim B, Rose C, as well as Jill T out to support her son (2nd AG). Sorry to any I missed.

Hope you all had a very happy New Year, and if you haven’t got your first 2018 run in yet, hope you make the plans to get one in soon!

Holiday Running Challenge Week 1 Standings- Revised

Happy New Year Bayshore and More Holiday Running Challengers!

Drum Roll…… Here are the revised team total minutes for week one. Congratulations for all who stuck close to their goals despite the tough week!

  • Team Heart 640
  • Team Moxie 616
  • Team Gutsy 586
  • Team Mettle 570
  • Team Grit 539
  • Team Pluck 499
  • Team Fortitude 490
  • Team Tenacious 344
  • Team Spunk 291



Some totals are less than what might be due to illness, injury, or weather. Feel free to contact your group members to ramp up the team spirit too, as Eric H has done so well!

Thanks again so much for all of your support of the program. This is being so motivating to so many folks, me especially with these great pics from you all!


Success in Challenge Week One

What a first week for our Holiday Running Challenge from Bayshore and More Training! As many of you know, one of the great things about our challenge, and our training programs from Coach Ross, is their basis on minutes instead of miles. We are rewarded for our true physical efforts, rather than having to work harder to reach a specific mile goal each week during rough weather periods, a great motivator to get out and brave the weather.

Thanks for all the stories shared by many participants already. For example, being able to turn out a workout of a half marathon on the treadmill (Eric H), Christmas Day running buddies (Kim B and Jenn C),  icicled beards (Mark S & David B),  as well as some sadder stories of illness and injury over the course of the week. Whatever your story, I hope this challenge motivates you to  develop AND persist with healthy, realistic goals for your running this year. If you had a bad week this week, move on and move forward with a new slate for our new week and our New Year!

Keep up your efforts and progress towards your running challenge goals, and don’t forget to send along your running totals to me, along with any stories or pics you would like to share as motivation for our participants! Comment to our blog, reply to our TCTC Training or Traverse City Track Club FB page posts, or email I have already heard from a few participants with their weekly totals. They are looking great! For instance Ross D and Nancy D sent their log charts for the week which included their running minutes, PLUS yoga, tai chi, swimming,  biking, weight training, and core.  Fantastic motivation for us all to strengthen our running legs with variety.

As we look forward to week 2, we have the opportunity to get some minutes participating in the Resolution Run 5k to benefit Norte. Check out the course and race details at I will be helping with registration, so getting in my running minutes before the race. Hope to see some of you there!

Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year and thanks again for making our Holiday Running Challenge a part of your 2018 running goals!


Weather Motivators

We have had quite a start to our Holiday Running Challenge with hefty snow drifts, sweeping winds, and teeth chattering  cold temperatures, but true to your commitment, teams have been out braving the weather, making progress toward their running goals, and amazingly enough, with big smiles on their faces! Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day. Thanks for sharing your spirit and motivation to get out there and get your minutes in! Keep it coming!


Holiday Running Challenge Teams!

Thank you for the overwhelming support for our Holiday Running Challenge! I have created roughly equal teams based on your goals with total weekly minutes between 560- 570 for all teams. All teams have 3 members, with the exception of two teams of four. (My apologies if it seems corny, but) I also named our teams with synonyms for ‘endurance’ which seemed appropriate to motivate us all to persist with our running goals through this challenge. So, drum roll….. Here are our teams!

  • Team Grit: Richard N, Megan G, Coach Ross
  • Team Mettle: David F, Robert K, David B
  • Team Heart: Angela I, Jenn C, Ann M
  • Team Spunk: Shannon B, Kyle K, Nancy D, Nicole E
  • Team Moxie: Jill T, Mark S, Kari M, Marianne P
  • Team Pluck: Kristen V, Michelle W, Kayla S
  • Team Tenacity: Katie A, Rose C, Raquel M
  • Team Gutsy: Kim B, Christina B, Eric H
  • Team Fortitude: Sara L, Christine T, Geri M, Cindy R

So, begin to track your minutes Monday 12/25/17 in anyway that works for you. Similar to Coach Ross’s system of checking in each week Sunday evening, please send me your minutes (just a weekly total is fine) either through FB, the comment box in our blog, or email

If you have funny or motivating stories along the way, please also send them to me, as well, so we can share them with our running community. For instance I know one of our mentors (Rose C) will be completing some very special races during the challenge, so I’m hoping that she will be willing to share her experiences.

Holiday Running Challenge Update

We have had great support for our TCTC Training Holiday Running Challenge! To date, we have 20 motivated runners signed up and ready for the challenge to begin on Monday December 25th, running until Sunday January 7th. You can still jump on board anytime until Thursday December 21st as well, if you haven’t bitten the bullet to commit yet 🙂

Here is how it will work

  • Teams will be announced 12/23 on our blog and on our TCTC Training Facebook page
  • Each team will have roughly the same number of goal minutes for each week as all other teams.
  • To reinforce Coach Ross’s idea of “Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan”, be sure to let me know a realistic goal for the two challenge weeks. We don’t want anyone crashing and burning due to setting too high of a goal. For example, one of our mentors (thanks Jill T!) knows she usually runs 170 number of minutes per week, but realizes during the holidays, she should decrease that goal to 150. If you want to revise your goals, please let me know prior to 12/21.
  • Points will be earned for each minute run by team members per week.
  • Report your weekly minute totals to me via email, text 989-444-9031 or posting on this page in the comment box by Sunday evenings 12/31 and again 1/7/18.
  • Winning team participants will be announced at the Bayshore and More Training Informational Night on Monday 1/8/18 at 6:30pm at the Commonplace, along with this blog, and FB.