Hop Lot Run 3/30

Reminder: Group Run 3/23 at 7:50 am at F and M Park

On Saturday March 30th the TCTC Training Team will be doing a run along Leelanau Trail to Hop Lot starting at 10:15 am from the Fouch Road trailhead. We plan to run approximately 10 miles, have a beverage and some lunch before starting back. You are also more than welcome to begin at the Hop Lot and do an out and back for your own preferred distance. Please note Hop Lot opens at noon.

Please email adykhouse@midmich.edu ASAP if you are interested in participating, in helping with bike support, or help to leave vehicles at Hop Lot for the return trip back.

We hope you will join us!


Spring Comes this Week, Really!

Join us Saturday 3/23 at 7:50am at F and M Park 201 Railroad Ave for a workout run

Though roads were a little slick this last Saturday before spring begins, a determined crew met this morning at the Civic Center for a long steady distance run. Runners completed runs ranging between 60-95 minutes. Great job Mentor Angela, Liza, Anne, Janice, and Mark! We missed our team running the Leapin Leprechaun, but wished them the best of luck at this really fun local race!

Congratulations to Leapin Leprechaun Racers today: Chris H, Pam G, Stephanie T, Marianne P, Stef S, Victoria D, Phil D, Ann M, Stephanie R, April S, Susan S, Mentor Rose C, Chris H, Jen L, Cindy R, Kim B, Christine T, Mentor Jill, Joe C, Megan G, Mentor Rob, Mentor Michelle, and Mentor Mike! Awesome job out there on a snowy, icy day!

Good luck to Geri M at her goal race, a half marathon this weekend!

Spring should be coming, so looking forward to seeing more of our running team next Saturday!

Cold temps and warm running friends

Run reminder: Saturday 3/16 at 7:50 am at Howe Ice Arena, Civic Center loop for a Long Steady Distance run in area neighborhoods. Meet in parking lot by south entrance off Titus Ave.

A brisk start to our Saturday, but some warm running friends met for a great run this morning. Thank you to everyone who came out and stayed to share a warm beverage! Good work Mimi, Laura, Janice, Phillip, Mark, Liza, Sara, Victoria, Chris H, Geri, Angela, Tim, Susan, April, and Mike!

We had a great run on Leelanau Trail with most of us doing a 45-60 minute interval run.

Congratulations to our teammates who raced at Yeti Redi 5k in Cadillac: Cindy, Joe, Rose, Stef, and Stephanie! Also good luck to teammate Kim B at her half marathon today out east!

Great work TCTC Training Team and hope to see you again at a run soon!

Weather transitions

Group Run Saturday 3/9 at 7:50 am at Aroma’s (meet in back parking lot)
We have had a rough winter so far, but Mentor Katie mentioned in her weekly email to her runners the importance of considering the weather conditions of our goal races. Since many of us have races planned for summer months, it is good to remember that footing issues (slippery roads), nutrition/hydration, and clothing may be quite different.
While you may need one small bottle of water for a 90 minute run now, you may need 1.5 – 2 bottles when we get to your goal race. As temperatures are getting warmer (into the 30s this coming week, heatwave!), start thinking of how you can gradually change factors of your run so you don’t have a huge change right before your race.
Here’s to “warm” weather running and hope to see you at a group run soon!

Mentors: Thank you!

Group Run Reminder: Saturday 3/9/19 at 7:50am at Aroma’s (10850 E Traverse Hwy). Park in back parking lot.

Yesterday, Traverse City Track Club’s Lisa Taylor presented our Winter Training Mentors with technical jackets as a small thank you for sharing their time, passion, and knowledge with our runners. We have a very special group of runners, led by a very special group of running mentors. Thank you to this current season’s mentors: Kim B (Monday night runs), Mike H (Marathon group), Katie A (10k and 5k group), Rose C (Half marathon and 10k group) and Chris B (Half marathon group) for all that you do for our runners.

We also want to thank all of our past mentors who have given of their time, and continue to jump in  whenever they can to help mentor at our group runs: Angela I, Jill T, Kayla S, Richard, Candice, Tim, Tony, Michelle, Rob, and Erica. Your help is much appreciated. You are the reason our group is so meaningful to our runners, as well as continues to grow and attract new runners to our team.

Have a great week and thank you again to all of you mentors and teammates to continue to make this group a special part of so many individual’s lives!



Long run fuelling tips

Run reminder: Saturday 3/2 at TC Central HS at 7:50am. Park near tennis courts.

Happy Thursday, Running Friends! We are looking forward to one of our first longer runs this Saturday!

So, some ideas for newer running tummies:

Plan to bring something to eat during the run. This can be fueling products like gels, or you can break up real food like granola bars into small pieces. Try for something higher in carbohydrates and lower in fat every 30 to 45 minutes to get your stomach used to eating while you run. Depending on your pace and body, you may need more or less.

Even though you might not sweat as much as in the summer, still carry water. You can try out a hand held or waist belt option and see what works best for you. Many runners find out too late that their packs cause chafing or shift uncomfortably.

The best thing is to start experimenting. By the time we have done several long runs, you’ll have a better idea of what works for you well before your goal race.

I know I’ve had many bad experiences by doing something new on race day (chafing and port a john emergencies). Don’t let that be you 🙂

Feel free to share what you use! It will help our new runners get ideas. Thank you and hope to see you all Saturday at TC Central HS at 7:50 am!

Hills, Check

Hills or no hills, this morning’s run was our best turnout for TCTC Training as long as I can remember: Liza, Tim, Mark, Rose, Laura, Anne, April, Susan, Chris H, Victoria, Stef S, Geri, Mike, Sara, Joe, Tracey, Katie, Kim, Chris B, Jenn, Crystal, Mimi, Maia, Angela, and Jill. And a few pups, too! Great job team, even if a few of you had your grumpy cups at the beginning, Victoria 🙂. Everyone was smiling and proud of their accomplishments conquering Randolph hills by the end of the run. Hills can be a great confidence booster, so be proud of yourselves! And the hills did not rock Stef S, she rocked those hills! Keep those happy memories with you this week and stay strong out there.

Next week, see you all at TC Central High School at 7:50am, park near tennis courts.

Running Safely

Saturday 2/23/19 Group Run: Grand Traverse Commons Higher Ground Coffee, meet at 7:50am for warm-up.

Many runners like to have some sort of distraction method to take their minds off of long workouts or poor weather (ha ha) conditions.  This message submitted by our Mentor Katie A provides a good reminder to all of us to be aware of our surroundings while we run.

Mentor Katie’s Message: The story of a trail runner in Colorado who successfully defended himself from a mountain lion attack is going viral on running news sites. Besides being an amazing story of survival, it has an important safety message for all of us. Travis Kaufman credits his survival to being able to hear an unusual rustle of pine needles behind him because he was NOT wearing earbuds or listening to music. Fortunately we do not have to worry about the threat of mountain lions here, but we do have to worry about moving vehicles. If you do listen to music or podcasts while running (especially alone), please make sure you are still aware of what’s going on around you and run defensively. Consider using only one earbud, pause your music when you need to cross an intersection, and keep the volume low enough that you can still hear ambient noise. Never assume that a driver will stop for you, especially in these icy conditions.

Stay safe, stay aware, and hope to see you Saturday!

Neighborhood runs and Betsy Bay congratulations

Next Group Run: Saturday 2/23 at 7:50 am at Grand Traverse Commons

Thank you so very much everyone who came out Saturday morning for an amazingTCTC Winter I Training  run. I know I left our run with a big smile on my face. Thank you to Mentor Angela for leading us (Anne, Mark, Chris, and Mimi) through a very nice 50 minute run through downtown TC neighborhoods. It was awesome to see the old homes, the brick roads, and be able to loop back within our group, so no one ran alone. And great job to Geri for getting in her 70 minute run in prep for her March half marathon! 

Special congratulations Running Friends who ran at Betsy Bay 5k!  Fantastic work getting in those minutes in a winter favorite race! Congrats to Jeanne S, Sara H, Nicole R. Enger, Cindy R, Stef S, Rose C, Jenn C, Jennifer L, April, Jessie, Susan S, Tim M, Jill T, Tracey W, Kim B , Mike H, Michelle W, Rob K, Megan G, Joe C, and Katie A! You motivate us all by your accomplishments!

Tomorrow begins segment two of Winter I Training! Be sure to start off your week right with some running minutes! As always, check out our Facebook page TCTC Training for Monday night run locations with Kim B and Wednesday night runs with TC Track Club! 

Running Slow and Running Tall

Group Run Reminder 2/16: Rescheduled Mile Repeats at T.C. Civic Center. Meet by south entrance near Titus Ave at 7:50 for good warm-up.

Dear Running Friends,

Yesterday, I had a really neat email from one of our new Winter I Training Team members. It made me smile, so thank you, Running Friend! Our new friend said she had been very nervous she would never be able to complete her weekly runs when she looked over her Segment I schedule. But, after slowing her pace down, she reported being successful in all of her runs and workouts to date! Hooray!

This is exactly what experts say to do, too! We SHOULD do most of our weekly minutes in the A to B effort pace, which means we can speak full sentences or at least short sentences comfortably. Save the harder efforts for about 15-20% of our minutes when we do our workouts or a few minutes of hard effort during shorter mid-week runs.

Overall, never feel guilty for taking your runs easy. As our new running friend shows, this is the best way to healthy success! Here is a very short Runner’s World Article emphasizing this fact.

Also, please do remember the benefits of good running technique taught by Mentor Mike in the running clinic we had last week. I know I have been thinking about keeping my arms and shoulders relaxed as I run tall. How about you?

Thank you Mentor Mike! Here is a video Mike suggested showing Katelyn Tuohy setting the national high school record for the indoor 5000 meter.

As always, please keep in touch with myself and your running mentors with any questions, concerns, or inspirational moments. We love to hear from you and chat running!